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The way people see certain brands is based on multiple, often very remote, factors. Your product should not only be appealing, it should tell a story.


Starting from a business card held in hand and ending with a giant-sized billboard towering over the highway. Either way – print still matters!

Web Design

The website is your on-line business card, so consider how users will see all the info you are providing. On their phones, portable devices and desktops.


Crafting an intuitive user interface is an art. Design clarity, content coherence and understanding users' needs are key factors to be well perceived.

3D Graphic

Unleashing the power of 3D will boost your creativity with abstract shapes, richer content or even photorealistic effects that will attract viewer's eye.


A picture is worth a thousand words – this statement is easier said than done. Enclosing all your thoughts in a single drawing can be a real challenge.


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As I sincerely would like to show you all of my work, sometimes customers want to keep a low profile. However, if you need to ask about something or just want to see more, drop me a line.


My latest posts and discoveries — you could find something useful or interesting in various segments of industry. I am not endorsing any of services shown below, just posting what I think is valuable.

Wojciech Babicz

Looking for an efficient and agile way to build powerful tools for film, games and VR?

Fabric Engine — a digital content creation platform that enables anyone to build powerful tools and applications for VFX, Games, Virtual Reality and Visualization. Link

Wojciech Babicz

Learn Squared – never learn alone.

One of the best sites where you can find cutting edge art techniques and tutorials in different disciplines. Narrative concept art, concept design, painting and UI design for film — be sure to check it out! Link

About Me

Some personal details.

About Me
Wojciech Babicz

Experience taught me that being passionate about your work is the key to success. However, as good intentions are hardly ever enough, a well-thought-out workflow and meticulous attention to detail is what really matters in the end. Additionally, in case of high-profile projects certain boldness is needed to make sure that everything will be executed in a proper way.

My Work Process


Every creation begins with an idea. The amount and quality of time dedicated to this stage is crucial in the future development of the project.


Everyone wants their creation to be noticed. To obtain a unique and timeless look not only current, yet also future trends have to be considered.


Great structures are always based on solid foundations. Only then it is possible to construct a full scale work in consecutive steps.


All creations exist to be seen by the public. Discussing content gives an opportunity to adjust and emphasize the most important parts.

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